This is the second volume of The Sparrow, and the editors have decided that its publication as a quarterly was possibly a little ambitious. The pressure of selecting contributions, formatting and printing four times a year was suddenly daunting and after rethinking the our strategy we came to the decision to tale the pressure off and publish in volume form, i.e. only when we were satisfied that we had enough quality material to present to our readers.
And we certainly hope that this edition will find favour with you. Whereas the first volume was an English-language “crime story special”, this one includes prose from a variety of genres both in English and German, as well as a selection of poetry.
The contributors are also more varied. We have poetry from our artist in residence, Frederick William Ayer, and poetry from Chunxiang Fan, a PhD student in the International Graduate School, originally from China; prose contributions come from Charles Ironhill, a one-time guest of the University when it hosted one of the German Chandler Society’s Conferences, from Witold Lapinski, with a story in German, Mark Leznik, with a story in English, and Julian Merrill, with stories both in English and German, all three students at the University of Ulm studying biology, informatics and medicine respectively, as well as art work from Frederick Ayer and Daniela Cisnovschi.
The standard of writing in this volume is particularly high, and we hope that you, the readers, will enjoy reading the contributions, and possibly be encouraged to contribute to The Sparrow yourselves!

You can buy this issue of "The Sparrow" from William Adamson at the Center of Languages and Philology. The fee for this issue is 2.00 EUR.



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