Contents Volume 7

William Adamson

“All That Glitters”
Thomas Dreja

“The Promotion”
Luise Heinlein

“On Second Thought”
Carolyn Kotlowski

“The Autograph”
Michael Müller

Katja Rogers

“Robert Mazur or: What We’ll Never Know, Because Sometimes Life’s Like That!”
Sarah Schmid

“What If …?”
”Drowning in Words: Poem”
Nadja Streeck

”Train Ride”
Sebastian Weber

Luise Wolf

“Strawberry and Chocolate”
Kiara Vestigium

Illustration on page 32 by Mark Kessell: ”A Mimetic Equivalent Serial No. 1428 2003”

Illustration on 20 by Carolyn Kotlowski: ”Chair”

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