Financial Modeling Summer 2022

General Remarks

The first session will be on Monday, April 25, at 8 a.m.

The course will be offered in a blended format. More details will be provided on Moodle by April 14.



What we do in this course builds on important concepts from financial economics (discounting, risk and return, option pricing).  Don't worry if you are not yet familiar with all of these concepts. We will summarize the concepts used in some session before the start of the respective session. We are also aware that some partipicants may be attending other finance courses in parallel in which they learn more about the things we need here.  For this reason, we start with very fundamental concepts (discounting), and cover more advanced concepts such as option pricing at the end of the term.

You will need access to a computer/laptop with Microsoft Excel for this course. As a student, you can get Excel for a minimal fee of 3.99€  see this link (in German only; we are happy to help if needed).

If you are an Excel novice watch one of our introduction videos for Excel (will be made available via Moodle). Most students in the course will have some basic Excel literacy. If you struggle with the preparation tasks that we wil ask you to solve, it is likely that you benefit from investing some more time into getting more familiar with Excel. 

Dates and Room

Dates: Mondays  10 am

First session: April 20