ENGBMT 75335/75350/75351

Medical Wearables & Internet of Medical Things

These modules are about the technology and the applications that drive modern medical wearables. Medical wearables play an increasingly important role in health care delivery, shifting the focus on the patient, enable continuous measurements. Wearables can take on different shapes and forms, from bracelets, mobile phones, shirts or even implants. Common is their sensing and networking capabilities, making them also the internet of medical things. We extensively discuss requirements and resulting technologies that solve common challenges of wearables due to miniaturisation, mobility, uncertainty and data load. Applications of wearable point-​of-care and mobile health devices will be presented and physiological background given.


The main objectives are to

  • Understand the data path from sensor to clinical decision making
  • Apply the most suitable technologies to solve design challenges for medical wearables


The course (winter semester) will be based on problem based, interactive learning.

The exercises (winter semester) will be based on concrete challenges with data from real wearables.

The project (summer & winter semester) will entail the design and the testing of wearable technology: novel sensing, real time algorithms, machine learning for health data analytics, implementation and cognition,  or a health care question.

Actual dates, locations

Summer 2024

No lecture and exercises on Summer Semester!


Tue 15:00−17:00
Room 45.2.102

Current info:

Link for project
Moodle 2024



5 ECTS (course + exercises)

6 ECTS (project ING)

8 ECTS (project INF & PSY)




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