Congratulations to Dr. Katharina Juhnke for her successful defense of her doctoral thesis

Ulm University

We congratulate Dr. Katharina Juhnke on the successful defense of her dissertation "Improving the Quality of Automotive Test Case Specifications"!

In the course of her dissertation Katharina Juhnke identifies challenges with test case specifications in the automotive domain. Usually, test case specifications are predominantly written in natural language by several test designers and executed by different testers. Thus, quality deficiencies, such as ambiguous, incomplete, or inconsistent test cases, have a negative impact on the cost and time required for testing.

To improve the quality of test case specifications, the thesis presents on the one hand a quality model, which forms the basis for the developed perspective-based review checklists. On the other hand, the developed Test Case Specification-Oriented Domain Analysis Method supports the derivation of system-specific templates based on existing test case specifications.