Ongoing projects


Interpreter and debugger for UML 2 activity diagrams


Debugging support for Abstract State Machines


ENsurance of Software evolUtion by Run-time cErtification


Visualization of Haskell programs as data-flow-diagrams


Non-linear representation of source code through Code Portals

Simulation Game SPM

Realistic simulation of software engineering projects for use in education


Automatic Support for Proving Confluence Modulo Equivalence for CHR


Formal Semantics and Analysis of Cognitive Architectures


Model TransformatIon PerformanCe Engineering

Former projects

  • ActiveCharts: Interpreter and debugger for UML 2 activity diagrams (Raschke, Gessenharter)
  • Credit Point Systems: Framework and analysis (Gehring)
  • GLOB-CON: Rule-Based Propagation of Global Constraints (Frühwirth)
  • RoboSail: Long-term Routing for Autonomous Robot Sailboats with Constraint Handling Rules (Frühwirth)
  • Terminator: Termination Analysis for Constraint Handling Rules (Frühwirth)
  • Analysator: Platform-independent Analysis and Implementation of Constraint Handling Rules (Frühwirth)
  • ModKey: Modules for teaching key qualifications (Kohlmeyer)
  • NOVA: Web-based support for organisation, decision making, and preselection in the context of selection procedures (Bolz)
  • ROARS: Reuse-Oriented Automated Reasoning Software (Frühwirth)
  • RUBIKON: Framework to support the goal- and demand-driven design, implementation, and evaluation of adaptable modular courses (Baetge)
  • TkGofer: A library for writing GUIs in the functional language Gofer (Vullinghs)
  • Ultra: An interactive program transformation system for Haskell programs