Theses at the University of Ulm and University of Applied Sciences Aalen

Here you can find an overview of all final theses (B.Sc. and M.Sc.) in the real world-lab Klima Connect Donautal, which were written during the project period at the University of Ulm and the University of Applied Sciences Aalen.

Masters Thesis 2022:

"Greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting of companies based on freely available data".
Course of studies Business Chemistry (Supervision Prof. Hiete)

Period 09/2021 - 03/2022

The aim of the thesis was to investigate to what extent GHG balances for companies and industrial areas can be compiled on the basis of generally available information. Even though (mainly) statistical approaches exist and are partly applied, the estimated emissions are often quite inaccurate. Problems exist in particular with the balance limits. For example, the direct (Scope 1) GHG emissions of companies depend heavily on the extent to which energy supply and upstream processes with high GHG intensity are outsourced. In contrast, the sum of Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions can be estimated relatively better. Another problem is that the approaches were developed primarily for large companies. Overall, there is a need for further research here.

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Masters Thesis 2021:

"Voluntary CO2 Compensation - An Opportunity for the Donautal Industrial Estate".
Sustainable Corporate Management course (supervised by Prof. Hiete).

The aim of the Master's thesis was to investigate standards for the compensation of unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, a survey was conducted among companies in the Donautal industrial area on their experiences with and prospects for offsetting greenhouse gas emissions. It became clear that some companies already offset and about half of the companies would like to offset unavoidable emissions in the future.
In general, however, the picture is heterogeneous: In addition to companies that reject offsetting projects, there are those that express interest in regional offsetting and also - regardless of location - in offsetting projects in which several companies from the Danube Valley are involved, this also linked to the possibility of increasing the visibility of the location.

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