In the field of biomedical sciences, responsible future-orientated research can only happen  in dialogue with society and under consideration of historical, theoretical and ethical basic principles of medical research and action. Here, the centre, which yet has to be fully established, wants to offer an interdisciplinary and multiperspective approach. To achieve this purpose, especially a university of intense research like Ulm University provides perfect preconditions. The "Centre Medicine and Society" can provide a showcase to biomedicine for the humanities that deal with medical issues. For life sciences, the Centre serves as a looking-glass to its own actions.

 Duties of the "Centre Medicine and Society" are

 1. the establishment  of research groups focussed on central points of intersection between medicine and society.

 2. Accomplishment of profiled events and symposia.

 3. Crosslinking initiatives of the Ulm University on medical research fields of societal relevance.

 4. Crosslinking of the Research on Medical Care including the fields of health economics and economic science.