Project Team at the Institute  Kilian Rapp,  Jochen Klenk,  Gabriele Nagel,  Daniela Oesterle

The examination of healthy volunteers is a medical prevention examination for the adult population in Vorarlberg, the most western province in Austria. The examination of healthy volunteers is performed by the working group for preventive and social medicine (aks) in cooperation with the social security carriers, the Federal Ministry for Social Security and Generations, the Provincial Government of Vorarlberg and the Medical Association of Vorarlberg. This examination aims at primary and secondary prevention of metabolistic- and cardiovascular diseases and cancer. In addition to a physical examination and blood sample taking for the determination of various laboratory parameters the examination is completed by counseling and motivation of the healthy volunteers. The examination of healthy volunteers is performed at general practitioners in Vorarlberg. All citizens of Vorarlberg above the age of 18 may participate once a year in this examination free of charge. The examination of healthy volunteers has been introduced in 1972. Since 1983 electronically recorded data are available for scientific evaluation. Linking of the data with the cancer registry and with the official statistics on the causes of death is possible at individual stages

The examination of healthy volunteers is performed at general practitioners in Vorarlberg.

In this project the Institute of Epidemiology at Ulm University focuses on the influence of overweight and related metabolic factors on the occurrence of cancer and cardiovascular diseases and on all-cause mortality.


Contribution of the Institute

Statistical evaluation, Data collection for the sub study Dementia 2000



Duration of the Project

2004 -



Project Partners                                     

Prim. Dr. Hans Concin, Working Group for Preventive and Social Medicine; Prof. Dr. Hanno Ulmer and Dr. Alexander Strasak, Department of Medical Statistics, Informatics and Health Economics, Medical University Innsbruck; Wilhelm Oberaigner, Cancer Registry Tirol and Vorarlberg


Project FundingRudolf und Clothilde Eberhardt-Foundation