Institute of General Physiology


Research at the Institute of General Physiology is primarily focused on the physiology and pathophysiology of the lungs. In particular, we are interested in epithelial function in the airways and alveoli. Epithelial cells perform a variety of tasks to maintain lung function. In particular, we are interested in molecular and cellular mechanisms for the regulation and maintenance of the epithelial barrier function, transepithelial ion and liquid transport, the secretion of mucus and surfactant, as well as their role in the development and progression of lung diseases (ALI/ARDS, COPD, IPF).

Another focus is on the investigation of cellular mechanosensors and mechanotransduction signals for physiological cell function and their contribution to the pathogenesis of (lung) diseases.



This interest in lung physiology is also reflected in the courses we offer. In addition to the curricular events, our institute offers in-depth internships and the pre-clinical elective "Work and performance physiology at high altitudes" -> link zu teaching


Institute of General Physiology
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