The Institute of Physiology is responsible for the following courses as part of the curricular teaching for students of human, dental and molecular medicine link to Moodle:

- Physiologie II (lecture)

- Practical course in Vegetative Physiology

- Seminar Vegetative Physiology

In addition, our institute offers the pre-clinical elective "Work and performance physiology at high altitudes" link to Moodle and participates in various

Courses in the Master's program "Molecular Medicine" link to Moodle:

Lecture & POL "In vitro models for lung research" (Lecture "Cell biology")

Internship “Repair of the alveolar air-blood barrier after trauma” (Block “Trauma and Infection”)

Practical course “Toxicity at the respiratory air-blood barrier” (block “Toxicology”)

The Institute of General Physiology regularly offers theses for students of human medicine, molecular medicine, biology, biochemistry or pharmacy you can find them here.

We are always happy to receive unsolicited applications from committed and motivated students with an interest in (translational) basic science.

The teaching representative of the institute is PD Dr. Edward Felder MME.

In the year 2020 we established the special course "exercise physiology at high altitude",  lead by PD Dr. Oliver Wittekindt. This is performed in collaboration with Eurac Research Bozen. It includes a spiroergometric examination in the Terra X Cube under conditions of 5.000 meters altitude. A group of students successfully took part already, see video under: https://terraxcube.eurac.edu/education-training-on-the-effects-of-exposure-to-high-altitudes-on-human-physiology/