The Promovierendenkonvent at Ulm University

The Promovierendenkonvent at Ulm University has the goal to offer a central platform for all individuals, who intended, aspire or have performed a PhD at Ulm University. It will perceive an effective representation of their interests.


The Promovierendenkonvent represents the interests of doctoral students.

The mission of the Promovierendenkonvent is to:

  • Represent the interests of doctoral students inside and outside the university;
  • Make recommendations on all matters relating to doctoral students;
  • Draft statements on statutes and regulations relating pursuit of a doctorate;
  • Give support and advice to doctoral students in matters relating to their doctoral studies;
  • Promote interdisciplinary and cross-faculty networking among doctoral students and with other Promovierendenkonventen.

In connection with the doctorate at Ulm University, the Promovierendenkonvent also provides support and advice to people who intend to complete, or have already completed a PhD at Ulm University.

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