Molecular donor-acceptor dyad for single material solar cells reaching over 5% efficiency

Ulm University

The covalent linkage of a conjugated oligothiophene with a C70-fullerene resulted in a novel donor-acceptor dyad, which besides tailored thermal and electronic properties gave photovoltaic record data in single-material organic solar cells. Excellent power conversion efficiencies of 5.34% and outstanding thermal long term stabilities maintaining 96% of the initial performance after 1 month of operation were achieved. The exciting results were achieved in cooperation with the Brabec group in Erlangen and are described in our latest publication with the title „ Molecular Oligothiophene-Fullerene Dyad Reaching Over 5% Efficiency in Single-Material Organic Solar Cells” which just appeared online in Advanced Materials 2021, 2103573 (

DOI: 10.1002/adma.202103573