Welcome at the Institute of Organic Chemistry II and Advanced Materials / Service Center Mass Spectrometry

Our Institute pursues a broad experimental research program in organic chemistry and materials science. We are active in teaching and education in the area of organic and materials chemistry on all levels and in various degree programs.
We synthesize, develop and optimize novel organic materials with focus on organic semiconductors, conductors and dyes, which are applied in organic electronics. A broad thematic spectrum from fundamental development of novel synthesis methods to multidimensional functional materials including those with supramolecular properties is covered. The investigation of the chemistry and physics of single molecules to bulk materials takes a wide area.

In our research program we have established the following future issues:

  • synthetic chemistry of organic energy, nano, and biomaterials
  • application in organic solar cells and Perovskite solar cells
  • self-organization, surfaces, and scanning probe microscopy
  • synthesis of nanodiamonds
  • photocatalytical hydrogen evolution

The research program in the area of conjugated oligomers and polymers is established in diverse interdisciplinary national and international cooperations with academic, institutional, and industrial partners and aims at the application of the newly prepared materials in optoelectronic devices such as solar cells.
A summary of the various research areas, molecule and material classes and their applications is given in our publication list of articles and reviews in science journals and book chapters.

Our philosophy: what we want to achieve ... ; what we can do ... ; how we work ...

Project-, Bachelor's and Master's theses:

A safety briefing is required in advance for the performance of practical work in the Institute of Organic Chemistry II and New Materials. This takes place four times a year at the beginning and end of the semester. Information is available from the secretary's office.

News about teaching

Lectures, seminars, internships in summer semester 2021

Lectures and seminars in the summer semester 2021 take place exclusively online (Moodle).

Research assistants wanted

We are temporarily looking for research assistants as assistants for various internships.
Remuneration will be based on a standard auxiliary staff contract.

Requirement: successfully completed Bachelor's degree

For further information please contact the secretariat of the Institute of Organic Chemistry II
and New Materials (Tel. 0731-50-22851, e-mail: gunda.schielmann@uni-ulm.de)

Prof. Dr. Peter Bäuerle
institute director
tel.: +49-731-50-22850
fax: +49-731-50-22840
e-mail: peter.baeuerle(at)uni-ulm.de
room: O26/4121

Dr. Elena Mena-Osteritz
deputy institute director
tel.: +49-731-50-22846
fax: +49-731-50-22840
e-mail: elena.mena-osteritz(at)uni-ulm.de
room: O26/4115

Secretary's office
Gunda Schielmann
tel.: +49-731-50-22851 / Mo-Do
fax: +49-731-50-22840
e-mail: gunda.schielmann(at)uni-ulm.de
room: O26/4120

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