Alumni News 03-2021

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Success in THE World University Ranking
Ulm University among top ten percent

Ulm University scores high in the renowned THE World University Ranking 2022: In an international comparison of over 1600 universities, Ulm University is ranked 146th, placing it in the top ten percent of universities worldwide. In Baden-Württemberg, only the significantly larger and older universities of Heidelberg, Tübingen and Freiburg are ahead of Ulm University. The University of Mannheim shares the same rank.

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Topping-out ceremony for Dr Barbara Mez-Starck Haus on
“Standing proud upon its rest, we wish the new building all the best”

After around eight months of construction, the Dr Barbara Mez-Starck Foundation celebrated its topping-out ceremony for its new seminar building on Ulm’s Oberberghof. Various users from the University, including the Chemical Information Systems Group, will be moving into the building next year. The Foundation, which is named after the chemist Dr Barbara Mez-Starck, is investing around 6.4 million euros in the new seminar and office building, thus solidifying its connection to Ulm University, where Dr Mez-Starck worked for many years.

Photo: Elvira Eberhardt / Ulm University

Belated tribute to Jewish-born haematologist
City of Ulm and Ulm University dedicate Hans Hirschfeld Square

Anyone approaching Ulm University from the north won’t be able to avoid the Jewish-born physician Professor Hans Hirschfeld (1873 – 1944). The renowned haematologist was among the world’s leading scientists in his field in the 1930s. In 1942, he was deported by the National Socialists to the Theresienstadt concentration camp, where he was later murdered. On the initiative of Ulm University, the City of Ulm has now dedicated a place to this distinguished researcher, the Hans Hirschfeld Roundabout.

Photo: Elvira Eberhardt / Ulm University

Alumni News

Alumni survey
For graduates from Ulm University of the 2020 examination year

The alumni’s feedback is an important source for Ulm University for adapting study terms to the needs of our students and ease the graduates' transition into work life. The results of the alumni survey will be used by Ulm University for the quality development of higher education and will be published into the report on teaching ("Bericht zur Lehre"). University members can download the reports on teaching from the website of the executive support unit Quality Development, Reporting and Revision. The information we gain provides various approaches for the development of our study programs and the improvement of our service centers.

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Focus Research

UNICARagil: prototype now on site at Ulm University
New designs for automated vehicles of the future

Fully automated, modular vehicles for the mobility of the future. For the UNICARagail lighthouse project, eight universities and their industrial partners are working to rethink vehicle design. Today, one of four prototypes arrived at Ulm University. The novel delivery van autoCARGO will be navigating through city centres without a driver in the near future.

Photo: Elvira Eberhardt / Ulm University

When bacteria have something against bacteria
Genetically engineered soil bacteria produce alternative to antibiotics

A research team involving the Ulm Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology has been successful in producing antimicrobial agents in pure form with the help of genetically modified soil bacteria (Corynebacterium glutamicum). The bacteriocins produced by this method could prove to be useful as an alternative to antibiotics for fighting against bacterial pathogens. A further use for the antibacterial peptides could be in food preservation.

Photo: Lisanne Wolters / Ulm University

Hydrogen-electric propulsion systems for use in aviation
Ulm University receives 1.8 million euros from EnaBle research network

The aim of the research network EnaBle is to make hybrid-electric flying more efficient and safer, and thus commercially viable. The research network is receiving funding in the amount of 8 million euros from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The focus is on the development and optimisation of a highly innovative hybrid propulsion system for air traffic that combines fuel cells and battery systems. At the heart of the project is a 250 kW electric propulsion chain module, which uses fuel cells fed by compressed air. The project is being managed by Diehl Aerospace. Ulm University is also involved with sub-projects, for which it is receiving 1.8 million euros in funding.

Photo: Elvira Eberhardt / Ulm University

Newly discovered genetic defect found to trigger diabetes
Mutations in ONECUT1 disrupt development of the pancreas

An international team under German-French leadership has discovered that mutations in the ONECUT1 gene can trigger some forms of diabetes. Such genetic defects lead to a malfunction of the pancreas and impede insulin production by the beta cells. The study, in which researchers from the Ulm University Medical Centre played a leading role, was published in the renowned journal “Nature Medicine”. The journal is among the leading international journals in the field of medicine with an impact factor of more than 53. The results of the study can help specialists to personalise diabetes therapies.

Photo: Ulm University

The bright light of the sun is like a shock
Children who have been suffering from blindness for years first need to learn how to see after having eye surgery

Children who have been operated on after many years of suffering from blindness must first learn how to use their “new” sense of sight. A German-Israeli research team investigated how the brain integrates the new visual signals with the information from the other senses. The group of scientists observed Ethiopian children and adolescents whose cataracts were successfully operated on in the Hawassa Referral Hospital during the first few weeks and months following their operations. Ulm University, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Padeh Medical Center in Tiberias (Israel) were involved in the study, which was published in the journal “Current Biology”.

Photo: Prof. Marc Ernst / Ulm University

Honours and Awards

The following honours and awards have been presented to researchers, instructors and students at Ulm University over the course of the past few months. The information below is presented in German only:

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