Alumni Survey

What is it about?

Every other year Ulm University conducts a general alumni survey. During fall term 2012 we contact every alumni of 2011 (1.10.2010 – 30.09.2011) and invite them to participate in our survey. The survey’s results will be used for the improvement of the university’s education study programs.

The central issues of our survey are:

  • Studies and study development
  • Retrospective evaluation of studies
  • Employment situation
  • Transition into first employment
  • Qualification and professional success
  • Relation between studies and occupation, job satisfaction


Why alumni surveys?

The alumni’s feedback is an important source for Ulm University for adapting study terms to the needs of our students and easing our alumni’s’ transition into professional life. The information we gain provides various approaches for the development of our study programs and the improvement of our service centers.

Based on the results of the survey, we can specifically expand the range of key qualifications we offer. Findings on the progress of studies and career paths will be used by the Career Service and study consulting.

Our departments will be able to evaluate their study programs. They can assess whether the skills they teach match their alumni’s’ occupational needs and experiences.

Network Alumni Studies - Cooperation with INCHER

With our alumni survey we participate in the project "Study terms and professional success – analysis of the effects of study choices and terms in Germany by graduate surveys". The project is lead and coordinated by the International Centre for Higher Education Research, INCHER, at the University of Kassel, one of the leading centres for research on higher education. INCHER takes on the data analysis of the paper questionnaires and the execution of the online survey. INCHER integrates the individual universities’ surveys into a common database and analyzes the effects of study terms and choices for professional life and success.
For further information on INCHER and the research project "Graduate Surveys" visit

Data Protection

The information you provide will be treated confidentially by INCHER and Ulm University according to German data protection regulations. INCHER and Ulm University will use the data only for evaluating study and employment conditions and for scientific research on higher education. The results are published in such a way that an inference on individuals is not possible. The contact data you provide will be stored separately from the survey data. Ulm University will not pass your contact data to INCHER or any other third party. Thus we ensure your personal privacy.