Alumni survey


The alumni’s feedback is an important source for Ulm University for adapting study terms to the needs of our students and ease the graduates' transition into work life.

Application of results

The results of the alumni survey will be used by Ulm University for the quality development of higher education and will be published into the report on teaching ("Bericht zur Lehre").

University members can download the reports on teaching from the website of the executive support unit Quality Development, Reporting and Revision.

The information we gain provides various approaches for the development of our study programs and the improvement of our service centers.

Based on the results of the survey, our departments will be able to evaluate their study programs. They can assess whether the skills they teach match their alumni’s’ occupational needs and experiences.

We also can specifically expand the course offers for key qualifications we offer. Insights regarding study and career paths are utilised by the Career Service and the academic advisors.


Every other year Ulm University conducts a general alumni survey. During fall term 2022/2023 we contact every alumni of 2021 and invite them to participate in our survey.


The central topics of our survey are:

  • Study programme and study progress
  • Retrospective evaluation of the study experience
  • Employment situation of graduates
  • Transition into first job
  • Qualification and occupation, career success
  • Relationship between study and job, job satisfaction

Data protection

The evaluation responsibilities in the areas of study, teaching and continuing education are stipulated in the evaluation regulations. The evaluation regulations determine which personal data of teachers, students and alumni to collect, process and in which form they are to be published.


  • The information you provide will be treated confidentially according to German data protection regulations.
  • Ulm University will not pass your contact data to any other third party.
  • The data will only be used for evaluating study and employment conditions and for scientific research on higher education.
  • The data of the surveyed persons are anonymous upon entry and cannot be connected to address data.
  • The contact data you provide will be stored separately from the survey data.
  • Address or personal data are not part of any statistical evaluations.
  • The results are published in the form of reports which do not allow any conclusions regarding individual persons. For instance, no analyses are done if the sample size for a question is n<6.

How does Ulm University get my home address?

The alumni's addresses at the time of graduation are provided for the dispatch of the invitations by the study administration office. These address data are compiled exclusively for the purpose of conducting the alumni survey. The legal basis is provided by the Landeshochschulgesetz (LHG) für die Hochschulen in Baden-Württemberg, in particular § 5 in conjunction with § 12 LHG.

As the saved addresses of the graduates are not always up to date a year after graduation, we might update the addresses as needed by way of collaborating with the resident registration offices and post offices as well as conducting an internet search.

What is the purpose of the access code?

Each alumni receives a randomly generated access code. With this code participants can access the online questionnaire (sufficiently protecting it from unauthorized access). Through monitoring the use of access codes it is also possible to see who has already filled in the questionnaire. These alumni then will not receive further reminders (up to four contacts during the course of the survey are possible). An identification through the access code and the responses in the questionaire is not possible at any time.

I've already answered the survey, why was I invited to participate again?

There might be a temporal overlap with the reminder and your participation. Verifying the not used access codes your code was mentioned.

For further questions please contact the executive support unit Quality Development, Reporting and Revision:

Rüdiger Fiebig, Director of the Evaluation Service
Phone: +49 (0)731/50-25104 email: ruediger.fiebig(at)

or Lydia Jeske
Phone: +49(0)731/50-25103 email: lydia.jeske(at)