Course evaluation


The course evaluations serve to ensure and enhance the quality and efficiency of individual courses as well as the entire course offer of a faculty/teaching institution. They provide constructive feedback to each teacher regarding the success of their teaching from the perspective of the participating students. They also contribute to the long-term strategic development planning and profile development of the faculties, teaching institutions and the University.


At Ulm University, courses are usually evaluated half-way during the semester in order to give teachers and students timely feedback. At the end of the semester, deans and deans of studies each receive a summarising report on the evaluation results for the courses offered in their departments. The Vice President for Teaching receives a summarising report on all departments.


The deans of studies select which courses are to be evaluated.
The executive unit Quality Development, Reporting and Revision oversees and coordinates the course evaluations for the Faculty of Engineering, Computer Sciences and Psychology, the Faculty of Mathematics and Economics and the Faculty of Natural Sciences as well as the Humboldt Study Centre and the Language Centre.
The representatives of each evaluated subject and institution support the execution of the evaluations for the above-mentioned faculties and institutions.

The evaluations of medical courses are carried out by the dean of studies' office of the Medical Faculty, due to special requirements regarding the quality of medical study programmes.

Please direct any enquiries concerning the further development of course evaluations to the executive support unit Quality Development, Reporting and Revision.

The executive unit Centre for Teaching and Learning at University Level offers guidance for teachers.

Evaluationsservice: Darstellung von verschieden Diagrammen sybolisieren die Evaluationsergebnisse


Evaluation regulations for teaching, study and continuing education at Ulm University, 18 December 2014 (in German)

Course evaluation concept at Ulm University, final report of the work group for course evaluations, January 2006 (in German)

Further information

For further information on course evaluations please send an email to: lve(at)