Berichtsbände symbolisieren das Berichtswesen
academic reporting
Evaluationsservice: Darstellung von verschieden Diagrammen sybolisieren die Evaluationsergebnisse
evaluation service
Qualitätsentwicklung: QM-Kreislauf Plan, Do, Check und Act
quality developement
Revision: Siegel der Universität Ulm mit Bundeslandwappen

About us

The executive support unit Quality Development, Reporting and Revision (QBR) is a service institution at the University that contributes to the conception of quality control systems to ensure and further develop the quality of the value chain processes. It also collects and interprets data to evaluate the success of measures and instruments for quality development.


Employee survey

The university sees itself as a learning institution that promotes people in their professional and personal development at all qualification levels. To get feedback on the current situation an employee survey starts october/november 2020.

System accreditation

On 21th february the senate decided to introduce the system accreditation.

Since then, the accredditation agency has carried out two audits. The report has been available since mid-May. Until end of 2020 the German Accreditation Council adjudicate wether Ulm University is allowed to entitle the quality label "System accredited".

Click here for further information about the process so far and the next steps.