Dept. V-4 Energie Supply Centre

Department V-4 is in charge of the entire energy supply for the University. In three-shift operation, we look after all central facilities such as the heating plant, with the help of which the entire University as well as third-party customers such as the University Medical Centre, Daimler, the BWK military hospital etc. are supplied. We ensure the basic supply of electrical energy, emergency power, heating, refrigeration and other required media for you.

The Energy Supply Centre is located in Staudingerstrasse 8.

  • Technical supply
  • Technical building management
  • Heating plant
  • Cooling plant
  • <link en einrichtungen administration dezernat-5 technische-versorgungszentrale strom-und-notstromversorgung>Power and emergency power supply
  • Automated vacuum waste collection system

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