Power and emergency power supply

Functional tests involving power cut-off are conducted twice a year from 05:00 a.m. to 06:00 a.m.
Devices that are supplied by a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) are not affected by the shutdown.
An interruption of the cold water supply is to be expected as a result of the power cut. The refrigeration network circulation pumps continue to run on emergency power, but the cold water flow temperature can rise up to approx. 10° C.

Should you have technical problems or questions, you can contact the <link en einrichtungen administration dezernat-5 gebaeudetechnik leitwarte>Leitwarte (control room) of Ulm University at any time.

All institutions are informed annually about the dates by way of a circular letter.

Why are these experiments necessary?

In buildings with larger numbers of persons present (e.g. workplaces and places of assembly), the following safety features must be provided:

  • Safety lighting
  • Smoke and heat extraction systems
  • Fire-fighting water supply systems

In the event of a failure of the general power supply or in the event of a fire, these systems must be able to continue to operate safely. Buffer batteries and emergency diesel generators are installed to maintain the power supply. The recurring tests of these systems are carried out every 6 months in accordance with the VDE 0107 and 0108.

We are aware that these tests may cause disruptions and sometimes even damage - however, they are currently unavoidable.


Planning is currently underway for a new and more efficient power supply via a 110 kV transformer for the future demand at Oberer Eselsberg. Together with the existing 20 kV supply, there will then be two power feeds. The existing 20 kV power supply is then available as a secondary route for an improved supply system.

In connection with the expansion of the power supply, possibilities are being investigated to convert the supply of safety equipment, especially the emergency lighting, to battery operation in order to be able to omit the emergency power cuts in the respective areas.

Date emergency power supply

Wednesday, 03.04.2019


Wednesday, 09.10.2019


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