The University's Leitwarte (control room) can be reached day and night at the phone number:


or by email leitwarte(at)

In the event of an emergency please dial the following number (please only use in urgent cases):


Control room
Control room

The Leitwarte (control room) is in charge of the:

  • Monitoring of technical building systems
  • Acceptance for general malfunctions by telephone or email
  • Direct forwarding of malfunction reports to the technical operations staff

It is located in the building of the Energy Supply Centre (TVZ) and is staffed around the clock with a control room operator. The Leitwarte is furthermore responsible for all real estate of the University.

Main task of the Leitwarte is to monitor the technical building systems and manage malfunction interventions as necessary.

We use building automation systems to monitor the technical building systems. Users who detect malfunctions in building and operational systems can also report these directly to us by telephone. The Leitwarte then initiates the malfunction intervention. Outside normal working hours, a technical emergency staff is on call at home and can be summoned very quickly by the Leitwarte.


Emergency (fire, first aid) dial directly!