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Defined learning areas and PC tools KIZ unf Forum University East

Defined learning areas and forum at Ulm University West

Designated areas for consumption of food and beverages

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Please note: For organisational reasons it is possible that not all learning areas (common areas) are available. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Access permits for certain groups of persons to university buildings

The Board authorises access to the university, in addition to the access provided to university members and staff, to the following groups of persons as of October 1, 2021:

  • Scientific and academic partners of university members for the purpose of coordination meetings
  • or meetings to exchange information (such as projects and workshops)
  • Invited guests of Ulm University and the Institutionalised Student Body
  • Members of other institutions for official purposes or purposes related to studying
  • External members of university committees for meetings
  • Informational events and advisory sessions for high school students for study-related advisory services
  • Information and practical activities for high school students within the scope of career orientation and cooperation programs with schools
  • Informational and lecture activities organised by the university and university-related organisations
  • and institutions (including the Jahreszeitenakademie of the Centre for General Continuing Academic Education (ZAWiW), award ceremonies and honours)
  • Patients and test subjects of scientific studies
  • Interns and scholarship holders
  • Applicants in connection with job interviews
  • Employees of the University Hospital, the University Construction Office and Student Service
  • Tenants of the university to access the space(s) they rent
  • Service providers for the maintenance of university operations, including vendors
  • or contractors of the university, University Construction Office or University Hospital
  • Employees of other government agencies in connection with their official duties
  • Visitors Botanical Garden open area and green houses

The aforementioned groups of persons must strictly comply with university safety and hygiene regulations. The responsibility for this is always borne by the contracting person or the person extending the invitation, the contracting partner or cooperation partner within the university.

About us

Division V - Facility Management - and its departments take care of everything that is needed for smooth technical operation of the University, 24 hours a day.
Main areas of responsibilities are the supply of all operational media, management of the entire technical building and operational systems as well as property management including cleaning and maintenance services. We are furthermore in charge of fire protection, occupational safety, waste management and many other areas.
Division V is currently 110 staff strong.

Our goal is to create optimal and safe work conditions in the university buildings and ensure the supply of all necessary resources.

Important topics

We inform employees about current affairs such as fire alarm tests, water cut-offs, car park closures, construction works and much more. For this purpose, we have established mailing lists, which are divided into the areas Uni Ost, Uni West and Helmholtzstraße.

If you wish to be included in one of these mailing lists, simply write an email to Sonja Hay (subject: inclusion in technical mailing list).

The University has developed a contingency plan in cooperation with the police in Ulm. Further action in the event of an amok situation is determined exclusively by the decisions of the police. For further questions please contact Herr PD Dr. E. Kaufmann.


Sonja Hay
phone +49 731 50-22101
fax +49 731 50-22102