Disposal concept an Ulm University

Ecological reason and legal regulations demand a separation of non-recyclable and recyclable materials. Important goals must therefore be the avoidance of waste in general, reduction of non-recyclable waste and fair distribution disposal costs.

In order to achieve these goals, Ulm University has various systems in place at its depot B for the removal of non-recyclable waste, paper, glass, wood, polystyrene, aluminium, iron scrap, organic waste and yellow bags.

Our concept is based on a close cooperation with the local waste disposal companies. It applies to all university institutions and third parties affiliated with the University. The disposal concept is further developed on a regular basis and adapted to the legal changes.


The university staff are responsible for the separate collection and drop-off of waste.

We ask the directors of the institutes to support our environmental endeavours and to nominate waste management officers in their institutes and university facilities who, together with the responsible bodies, make sure that the necessary environmental protection measures are implemented. Their primary role is to create and maintain favourable conditions in the institutes for disposal, water protection and environmental protection.

<link en einrichtungen administration dezernat-5 arbeits-und-umweltschutz umweltschutz-und-entsorgung wertstoffe-und-restmuell>Recyclable materials and non-recyclable waste (in German)

<link en einrichtungen administration dezernat-5 arbeits-und-umweltschutz umweltschutz-und-entsorgung gefaehrliche-abfaelle>Hazardous waste (special waste) (in German)

<link en einrichtungen administration dezernat-5 arbeits-und-umweltschutz umweltschutz-und-entsorgung radioaktive-abfaelle>Radioactive waste (in German)

Waste drop-off

All containers for non-recyclable waste and paper should be labelled consistently as non-recyclable waste (blue sticker) and paper (white sticker), plus organic waste etc. as needed. The respective stickers can be requested from the staff of department V-5.

The cleaning services at the University are only responsible for the emptying of non-recyclable waste and paper in small quantities (contents of the waste bins and waste paper baskets). The cleaning staff are instructed not to empty waste bins and waste paper baskets that are filled incorrectly. Waste that has already been separated must not be poured together by the cleaning staff.

To prevent any subsequent mixing of waste paper that has already been collected separately, please use only blue bags for non-recyclable waste and transparent bags for waste paper as transport packaging. This applies primarily to the cleaning staff.

For the collection of small quantities of organic waste and light packaging with a Green Dot (recycling label), additional collection containers are installed in the corridors and stairwells. The emptying of these containers is organised centrally. Institutions that wish to set up their own collection points for organic waste and light packaging must also empty these independently. If you have any questions regarding the containers, please contact department V-5.

Drop-off system

For other recyclable materials (including large quantities of waste paper, cardboard and cartons), the drop-off system is necessary for organisational reasons. This means that the employees must take the collected recyclables to the central collection points. This applies in particular to waste from laboratories. For safety reasons, these tasks cannot be delegated to the cleaning service. For waste in the drop-off system, suitable containers must be used in the facilities and institutes, e.g. old cardboard boxes, plastic bags, etc., preferably containers that can themselves be disposed of as recyclable materials.


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