Red Blood Cell related methods
RBC methods

Methoden zur Erythrozytenserologie

The Rhesus Site
Serology methods
Antibody elution (chloroform technique)
KryoBeads method (PVP beads or KryoHAES-beads) - much recommended method: with VideoClips
RBC freezing (high glycerol method, 38%) - can be used in conjunction with KryoBeads procedure
Molecular methods
DNA extraction (salting out procedure)
4th International Workshop on Monoclonal Antibodies
against Human Red Blood Cells and Related Antigens
Section 1 B - Rh Flow Cytometry

Paris, 19 - 20 July 2001
German Guidelines for antigen D typing ( deutsch / English translation )

If using any of the methods herein, please give reference to the "The Rhesus Site" and the literature noted in the methods.
WA Flegel

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