Wenn Sie eine elektronenmikroskopische Fragestellung bearbeiten möchten, wenden Sie sich an eines unserer Mitglieder und füllen bitte unser Projektformular aus. 

We congratulate our good colleague Jacques Dubochet for being awarded with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2017 and we are proud that we from the Z. E. Elektronenmikroskopie, Uni Ulm, share authorship with him in the following publication about sample preparation for electron microscopy: Bleck CK, Merz A, Gutierrez MG, Walther PDubochet J, Zuber B, Griffiths G. (2010) Comparison of different methods for thin section EM analysis of Mycobacterium smegmatis. J Microsc. 2010, 237, 23-38. 

Minisymposium Elektronenmikroskopie am 30. 11. 2016

Cryo-electron microscopy has been selected “Method of the year 2015” by the journal “Nature Methods”, since the method allows now to analyze proteins and other biomolecules with near-atomic-resolution. Other new developments in electron microscopy cover 3D analysis of cells and tissue. The goal of the symposium was to demonstrate how electron microscopy supports life science research, today and in future.


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