Nutzung des menschlichen Peptidoms zur Entwicklung neuer antimikrobieller und anti-Krebs Therapeutika

Das menschliche Peptidom (d.h. die Gesamtheit aller Peptide im menschlichen Körper) umfasst Millionen verschiedener Verbindungen, die zahlreiche physiologische und pathologische Prozesse steuern. Peptide sind insbesondere Schlüsselregulatoren und Effektoren der angeborenen und adaptiven Immunität und modulieren das Überleben und die metastatische Ausbreitung von Krebszellen. Bis heute wurde nur ein kleiner Teil aller endogenen Peptide funktionell charakterisiert. Somit stellt das Peptidom eine kaum erforschte und nahezu unbegrenzte Quelle für die Entdeckung neuer Bioeffektoren dar. Hauptziel des beantragten SFB ist es daher, das menschliche Peptidom zur Entdeckung von Peptiden zu nutzen, die wichtig für die Abwehr und Bekämpfung von Infektionserkrankungen und Krebs sind und diese mittels neuer Technologien für translationale in vivo Anwendungen zu optimieren.

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Grand visit - Grant accepted
On July 22nd, CRC 1279 welcomed Dr. Beatrice Hahn, a Professor of Medicine at the Perelman School of Medicine in Philadelphia and a leading AIDS researcher worldwide.

by Kristina Hopfensperger | August 19, 2019

No risk, no breakthrough
Congratulations to CRC 1279 project leader Prof. Dr. Martin Plenio! The ‘Deutsche Forschungs-gemeinschaft’ (DFG) recently awarded Prof. Plenio with a Reinhart Koselleck project and will thus support him with about 1.5 million Euro funding within the next five years.

by Kristina Hopfensperger | August 01, 2019

Ceremonial opening of the new Center for Quantum- and Biosciences

The prime minister of Baden Wuerttemberg Winfried Kretschmann and financial secretary Gisela Splett formally handed over the new Center for Quantum- and Biosciences to Ulm University.

by Kristina Hopfensperger | July 12, 2019

Simply the best

Prof. Dr. Holger Barth wins students teaching award for ‘best lecturer’ for his toxicology lecture within the study program of Molecular Medicine at Eberhard Karls University Tübingen.

by Kristina Hopfensperger | June 19, 2019

CRC1279 Students went to Lindemberg

At the feet of the Bavarian Alps and right outside the town of Lindenberg in the Allgäu, the first CRC 1279 student retreat took place on May 16th-17th.

by Mattheo Bosso | June 30, 2019

And the Poster Award goes to … Dr. Janis Müller

Dr. Janis Müller received one of two Poster Prizes at the 29th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Virology (GfV) in Düsseldorf, Germany.

by Kristina Hopfensperger | March 28, 2019

Time to say goodbye… and hello Kristina!

Annika Röcker, so far responsible for Public Relations and Event reports of the CRC homepage, will leave us by the end of March 2019. Luckily, Kristina Hopfensperger will take over.

by Dr. Annika Röcker, Kristina Hopfensperger and Prof. Dr. Frank Kirchhoff

Prof. Holger Barth in action

Together with Prof. Matthias Schwab from the Fischer-Bosch Institute of ClinicaI Pharmacology in Stuttgart, our PI Prof. Holger Barth chairs the 4th German Pharm-Tox Summit.

by Dr. Annika Röcker | March 06, 2019

Much more than Amyloid β

From February 19th to 21th, CRC1279 board member Prof. Dr. Marcus Fändrich, director of the Institute of Protein Biochemistry, chaired the 3rd Meeting on Biophysics of Amyloid Formation.

by Dr. Annika Röcker & Kristina Hopfensperger | March 05, 2019

Online now: Konstantin Sparrer’s research objective

Dr. Konstantin Sparrer had been awarded with a „Young Investigator Fund for Innovative Research Ideas“ of the Schering Stiftung and the Fritz Thyssen Foundation.

by Dr. Annika Röcker | 21.02.2019

“Should I Stay or Should I Go?”

An interdisciplinary team at Ulm University analyzed the DNA binding behavior of the transcription factor serum response factor (SRF) at single-molecule resolution.

by Dr. Annika Röcker | 04.02.2019

About dream teams: Scientist couple explores Host-Microbe interactions

Prof. Hinterleitner and Prof. Meisel from the University of Pittsburgh gave a lunch seminar addressing the topics: “Woman in academia: Transitioning from a postdoc to group leader/professor”

by Dr. Annika Röcker | 14.01.2019

With Bachelor’s degree straight towards PhD

Due to her exceptional performance, she was allowed to start her PhD directly after her undergraduate studies. Lisa is a perfect example for a young, ambitious woman in science!

by Dr. Annika Röcker | 11.01.2019


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