Bad Schachen: Scientists discussed latest findings at the annual CRC 1279 meeting

About 70 researchers from Ulm and beyond met in Bad Schachen to discuss new data, current developments, and future perspectives of the peptide CRC.

This year’s meeting of the members of the CRC 1279 took place on 14th and 15th of September in the welcoming idyllic Bad Schachen. Often housing Nobel Laureates in the past, the inspiring atmosphere of the venue encouraged dialogue and fostered a shared passion for science. As versatile and diverse as ever, CRC investigators from the fields of infectious diseases, cancer biochemistry, molecular biology, physics, biomaterials and bioinformatics came together to share exciting findings made in the area of endogenous bioactive peptides and therapeutic perspectives. A social evening, accompanied by good food and wine, stimulated scientific discussions that extended into the early morning hours, some ending up on the hotel pier, the bar or in the chilly waters of Lake Constance.

In conclusion, the retreat was a roaring success: bringing a multi-disciplinary crowd of  committed scientists and those well on the way to it, initiating new collaborations and intensifying existing ones. It provided plenty of food for thought and left everyone thrilled for the next get-together.