Ulm Peptide Researcher participate in Global Health Center for Pandemic Prevention

Members of the CRCR1279 obtained a grant from the DAAD to participate in a Global Health Center for Pandemic Prevention from 2021 to 2025:


The so-called GLACIER initiative - German-Latin American Centre of Infection & Epidemiology Research & Training is a large network encompassing 18 higher education institutions, research institutes and public stakeholders from eight Latin American countries as well as eight higher education institutions from Germany. GLACIER represents the fusion of pandemiology and the research on immunology and anti-infective compounds research. The consortium encompasses Latin American countries and higher education institutions and is synergistic in research and training efforts.

In close partnership with scientific institutions in Mexico, Cuba and Central America, the health centre follows a holistic "One Health" approach. Various disciplines - from virology to vaccine and drug research to social sciences - work together in close cooperation with national and international institutions involved in preventive health care and pandemic control. In total 35 partners in eight countries and five additional expert groups from Germany are involved in the centre.



The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) finances the German-Latin American Centre of Infection & Epidemiology Research & Training. The consortium issues student scholarships and research stays for scientists (north-south and south-north exchange), exchange between partner Latin-American countries (south-south exchange), as well summer schools and training courses.



At the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ulm basically the Institute of Molecular Virology, the Institute of Medicinical Microbiology and Hygiene and the Core Facility of Functional Peptidomics are participants of the GLACIER consortium. These three Institutions highly interact with each other and work on several research projects within the CRC1279 related to the discovery, characterization and development of new antiviral and antimicrobial peptides. These efforts can no be shared within the frame of the international Global Health Center for Pandemic Prevention.