Feeling certain about having made the right study choice

The date will be announced here soon.

Do you feel like you haven't really found your place in your study programme? Do you doubt your choice of programme? Something doesn't feel right but you're not sure what it is? Do you think about dropping out or change your field of studies?

Our seminar will help you reflect on your study choice. Objectives are to:

  • identify the issues/reasons for your doubts,
  • determine your skills and goals,
  • help you make a decision on whether to continue with your current studies or change programmes,
  • give you clarity about what you need and what can help you complete your studies successfully.

If you wish further information or have any questions, please send us an email.

Writing workshop

Dates by arrangement. Please send us an email.

Writing is a process that involves much more than just putting pen to paper. From the first vague idea to the final polish and everything in between, that is writing. Exchanging ideas and experiences with others can be very helpful for students, their development as writer and their work. Our workshops and consultations aim to introduce students to instruments and techniques that empower them to find answers and solutions to their specific problems, uncertainties and challenges when it comes to writing academic texts.

The ZSB writing support offers the following:

  • We come together for a workshop (min. 3 participants, approx. 4h), followed by a one-on-one consultation.
  • We discuss your work and questions around academic writing without pressure and obligation.
  • We will work on a specific writing task, e.g. a particular project.
  • We map realistic work steps and action plans (writing project management).
  • We discuss typical challenges with writing, e.g. writer's block, and work together to find solutions.
  • We will learn reading and writing strategies and techniques (free writing, clustering, mind mapping, academic journalling).
  • We offer tips on spelling, grammar and punctuation.

What we don't do...

  • Make suggestions on contents or topics, give recommendations on sources and literature or research methods (you can discuss these with lecturers and academic advisors).
  • We do not read your work from beginning to end. Instead, we help you help yourself.
  • We do not proof-read.
  • We do not give extra lessons on spelling, grammar or punctuation.

Seminar on career orientation for students

Upcoming dates will be announced here soon.

Are you just about to start an internship or enter the job market? You're not quite sure where you want to work? Don't know if you should go for a master's degree, and whether to do it now or later? Want to know how to better present yourself in application documents and personal conversations/interviews?

This training is designed to identify and elaborate your technical expertise and soft skills. You will explore career options that interest and suit you and learn how to optimise your application.

Requirements: active participation, interest in interdisciplinary exchange and personal development.

Target audience: students and doctoral/PhD candidates of all faculties.

There are 25 places available. The seminar is free of charge and offered once per semester.