Fees and Financing

Starting from the winter term 2017, students who are not nationals of the European Union or member states of the European Economic Area (Island, Liechtenstein, Norway) and who come from abroad to study in Ulm need to pay a tuition fee of 1500 Euro per semester, i.e. 3000 Euro per year or 6000 for the entire Master program if you complete it within the envisaged two years. There are some exceptions. For example, students who completed schooling in Germany (Abitur) or who already have a permanent residential permit in Germany are not required to pay.  The regulations are new and complex, and there is no summary of the new law available yet. We will provide links to more detailed information once this information has been compiled.

An administrative fee of presently 165.81 Euros (student union fee 79.50 Euro, administrative fee of 70 Euro, fee for constituted student body 16.31 Euro) will be charged per semester.

It is possible to work as a teaching or research assistant in your second year while studying in Ulm.

For information on scholarship programs consult the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). Make sure that you tick "postgraduate" in the status field when searching the DAAD database. Several of our students have DAAD scholarships, in particular Study Scholarships for Graduates of All Disciplines. Unfortunately, these scholarships are availabe only for specific countries. The DAAD database will inform you whether you can apply for such a scholarship. For many scholarships awarded by German institutions, application is usually only possible once you study in Germany.  For others, e.g. DAAD sholarships, you need to apply early. A large scholarship database is maintained by  Scholarshipportal. The University of Ulm also awards scholarships. For the Deutschlandstipendium, a national scholarship program, application is possible only once you study in Ulm.  For another, more limited program, candidates cannot apply themselves but are suggested based on their application for the MSc Finance.

Students are responsible for their own living expenses which run, as a guide line, at 600 to 700 Euro per month. For a more detailed overview, please consult this page.