Structure / Management of the School of Humanities

Since 1 October 2012, the University's humanities offerings have been united in the School of Humanities (Department für Geisteswissenschaften). These include study programmes in the areas of Philosophy and Cultural Studies, Additive Key Qualifications (ASQ), professional specialisation in educational sciences in the field of ethics, the Personal Competence Module (MPK), languages, philology and research-based learning as well as general continuing education.

Academic research is carried out in the areas of philosophy, cultural studies, additive key qualifications, ethics in education, personal competence, languages, philology, geragogics and educational research as well as research-based learning and citizen science.

The School of Humanities is divided into three divisions.

The School promotes the arts through its own programme (Art and Music Centre MuZ), in particular through classical and popular music, visual and performing arts, dance and spoken word.

School board

School Council

The School Council advises on all matters of general importance to the School.

Study and Teaching Commission of the School

The tasks of the Study and Teaching Commission include, in particular, drawing up recommendations for the further development of subjects and forms of study programmes as well as for the use of funds earmarked for study and teaching and participating in the evaluation of teaching.

Managing Directors of the School's divisions

Secretary's offices of the School's divisions

Further contact persons