Energy technologies


Language: German
Prerequisites: none
Length of the Module 1 semester
Credit Hours:


Study Programme: Automatisierungs-/Energietechnik
ECTS-Points: 7
Date: Winter term

Lecture content

  • Basics of energy distribution and energy economics in Germany and Europe. Energy demand, energy usage, energy structure, energy production Energiebedarf, -verbauch, -struktur, -erzeugung, -verteilung, rechtliche Situation; Emissionen und Primärenergieträger-Reichweiten
  • Electric power plants: cyclic process combined cyclic process , nuclear power plants and fossil-fueled power plant
  • Power and frequency control in interconnected systems
  • Basics of system analysis: Theory of Symmetrical components>
  • Transmission line theory
  • Transformers
  • investment and costing

Practical course

The tests "three-phase transformer" and "power frequence regulation" run parallel to the lecture.



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Josef Kallo

Prof. Jian Xie

Dr. Caroline Willich


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