Institute for Energy Conversion and Storage


The institute for energy conversion and storage is part of the faculty of Engineering, Informatics and Psychology at Ulm University. The research focus of the institute is the analysis, integration and optimisation of electrochemical and electromechanical components as well as power electronics for mobile and stationary energy systems.

One research topic is the development and optimisation of new and emission free hybrid drive and propulsion systems. Research includes modelling and experimental testing of single components as well as entire propulsion systems up to 250 kW at relevant operating conditions like temperature and dynamic behaviour. This allows the optimisation of efficiency reliability and safety. Projects about electrical propulsion of airplanes powered by a fuel cell and battery hybrid improve the thorough understanding of the technology with all relevant flight permission criteria. The expertise gained in this enables the institute to solve many questions about energy systems for stationary and mobile applications.

The institute also has extensive research activities and expertise in converter circuits and control for mobile applications as well as smart grids.

Testing facilities include electromechanical and electronic testing at low pressure, a large temperature range (-20°C to 40°C) and humidity for fuel cell/battery systems, motors and generators.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Josef Kallo (on leave)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jian Xie


Institute of Energy Conversion and Storage
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