Overview of Research

Electrical engineering is the overarching theme of the two study groups in the Institute of Storage and Conversion at the University of Ulm.

The study group "Vehicle Energy Systems" (Prof. Kabza) is active in the following fields

  • Energy Management for Traction and on-board Power Supply, e.g.

    • Battery Management
    • Operating Strategy and Efficiency Optimization
    • Predictative Energy Management

  • Conception and Configuration of Hybrid Vehicle Drives

    • Starter-Alternator-Systems
    • Hybrid Systems with Fuel Cells or Motor Generator Unit
    • Hybridized Storage Systems, e.g. Battery and Bilayer Capacitor
    • Power Electronics, DC / DC Actuator
    • Drives
  • Development and Implementation of Distributed Controls

    • Model Based Development, Code Generation
    • Prototype Hardware and HIL simulations
  • Bench tests

    • Storage
    • Components and Drives
    • Generic and Norm Driving Cycles


In this framework, basis techniques wide applicable are developed and implemented. Here included are simulation tools for the professional drive configurations and consumption determination, modular battery and energy management systems as well as the model based development of distributed micro control systems for data logging and regulation up to automatic code generation.

The second study group "Traction Current Converter" (Prof. Xie) is active in the field of power electronics and error diagnosis of the traction current supply. Here on the one hand high power and balancing converters for the traction current supply from the 50 Hz three-phase-network as well as new concepts for the regulation of decentralized inverters are developed, and on the other hand the circuit feedback as for example the influence of an increased converter use on the functionality of the regulation of the power frequency as well as resonance effects and the expansion of harmonics over the overhead power lines and rails are examined.