Configurable Systems

In our research we look into Electronic System Level (ESL) design methodologies such as Component-Based Design or Platform-Based Design, modern heterogeneous compute architectures for energy-efficiency, and analog/digital interfaces for connected mobile Configurable Systems. These offer additional degrees of freedom for cost and performance optimizations, provide flexibility for changes throughout the entire life cycle and can help fight microelectronic parts obsolescence.


Adaptable Architectures for Microcontroller Devices

E. Schubert: Modern distributed control systems (such as Cyber-Physical Systems) require microelectronic devices to quickly adapt. With a focus on techniques for implementing different I/O standards -- analog and digital -- in off-the-shelf devices such as FPGAs, we look into optimizing the whole path including signal-conditioning for sensor inputs, processing and visualization, power circuitry for driving actuators ... [more]