Congratulations to Dr. Raffaela Groner for her successful defense of her doctoral thesis.

Ulm University

We congratulate Dr. Raffaela Groner on the successful defense of her dissertation "User-centered performance engineering of model transformations!"

In the course of her dissertation Raffaela Groner identifies challenges with analyzing and improving the performance of applied transformations. There are various approaches to improving performance through parallel, distributed, or incremental transformation execution. These optimizations help to speed up the execution of a transformation, but they also reach their limits if the transformation has been poorly implemented in terms of performance.

There are currently no approaches that transfer software performance engineering (SPE) or application performance management (APM) techniques to the domain of model transformations to support transformation developers to analyze and improve the performance of transformations.

In her thesis, Raffaela Groner has developed various artifacts to leverage APM and SPE techniques for model transformation. She further performed different Studies in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the different artifacts.