New Interim Professor Dr. Stefan Winter

Ulm University

Starting from April, Dr.-Ing. Stefan Winter has joined the SP institute as an interim professor and is temporarily filling the position of Thomas Thüm, who has taken a position at Paderborn University.

Dr. Winter has obtained his doctoral degree from TU Darmstadt for his work on fault injection testing, a system-level test method that is widely adopted in the development of safety- and mission-critical systems, such as embedded controllers in automotive systems and transportation. After graduating from TU Darmstadt, Dr. Winter has held postdoctoral researcher positions at TU Darmstadt (with Neeraj Suri) and LMU Munich (with Dirk Beyer) and spent several months as a visiting researcher at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Chmpaign with the groups of Darko Marinov and Ravishankar Iyer.

His current research is focused on improving testing methods for complex software systems using techniques related to fault injections, such as mutation testing and fuzzing, as well as dynamic analyses.

At Ulm University, Dr. Winter is currently offering two courses: "Software Security Testing" provides an introduction to security testing and in particular fuzzing approaches, whereas "Reproducibility of Software-Based Measurements" is concerned with how uncontrolled factors can adversely affect software executions and how the impact of such factors can be limited.