Bachelor and master programs are about to replace the traditional diploma programs at universities. The new programs emphasise professional skills. For example, students obtaining a bachelor degree should qualify for professional jobs after six or seven semesters. In addition to technical knowledge, the jobs nowadays demand key qualifications and soft skills. However, the bachelor and master programs currently offer few courses teaching this kind of knowledge and skills. This project therefore aims to create courses providing key qualifications, placing the focus on social and methodological competences. Special importance is attached to the use of new kinds of media and online learning/teaching. To efficiently implement and effectively use the teaching and learning modules, the respective courses of the project partners are combined to form a proposal for a part of a technical bachelor and master program.

The Blended Learning concept is used to realise the teaching/learning contents. By combining traditional lectures and online units, blended learning provides the advantages of both kinds of teaching/learning. To include practical and technical examples, a technical concept supported by a software tool is developed. ModKey creates the following modules to teach key qualifications:

  • entrepreneurial thinking and acting
  • technical presentation skill
  • process and project management
  • quality management for development processes
  • software engineering and development processes
  • product design
  • foundations of modelling
  • foundations of computer science


Jens Kohlmeyer