Human-Centered Software Engineering Research Group

Institute of Software Engineering and Programming Languages,
Prof. Dr. Matthias Tichy

Empowering Humans to Drive the Digital Revolution

Software is ultimately developed for and by humans. Consequently, we – the Human-Centered Software Engineering Research Group – focus our software engineering research on supporting and empowering humans to drive the digital revolution.

We do this by aiming at reducing complexity, avoiding defects, and improving developer resp. user experience. We realize this by developing domain-specific languages, quality assurance techniques, and innovative tools. To ensure high-quality research, we apply incremental/iterative design science research to arrive at evaluated solutions and empirical research methods to systematically identify research opportunities and properly show the benefits of our research results. Our research targets embedded systems, particularly automotive software, self-adaptive systems, and software in general as application areas.


M.Sc. Raphael Straub

M.Sc. Raphael Straub
Research Assistant
Ulm University
Institute of Software Engineering and Programming Languages
Albert-Einstein-Allee 11
89069 Ulm
Room: 027 413

M.Sc. Thomas Witte

Thomas Witte
M.Sc. Thomas Witte
Research Assistant
Ulm University
Institute of Software Engineering and Programming Languages
Albert-Einstein-Allee 11
89069 Ulm
Room: O27 4103

Research Projects

Tools to accelerate innovation along the automotive value chain

Self-organizing resilient execution platform for IoT services

Model-based Explainable Coordination of Complex Reconfigurations

Integrated Safety and Security Engineering of Self-Adaptive Systems.



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Juhnke, Katharina; Tichy, Matthias; Houdek, Frank
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March 2018


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Strüber, Daniel; Born, Kristopher; Gill, Kanwal Daud; Groner, Raffaela; Kehrer, Timo; Ohrndorf, Manuel; Tichy, Matthias
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