General Information

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We will not provide the password via e-mail or phone!

Topics Covered in the Course

  1. Financing Sources and Financial Markets
  2. Cost of Capital
  3. Return and Risk
  4. Portfolio Theory and the CAPM
  5. Company Valuation
  6. Derivatives: Options, Forwards and Futures


  • Brealey, R., S. Myers, F. Allen: Principles of Corporate Finance. McGraw-Hill. (non-recent editions are suitable in most cases)
  • Berk, J., P. DeMarzo: Corporate Finance, Pearson. (non-recent editions are suitable in most cases)
  • Spremann, K.: Finance. Oldenbourg. (non-recent editions are suitable in most cases)
  • Kruschwitz, L.: Finanzierung und Investition. (non-recent editions are suitable in most cases)


Prof. Dr. Andre Guettler

Nenad Ćurčić


Regular exam: The exam dates are already fixed - see Moodle.

Module Description

You can find here a detailed description of the module.