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Examination Board Business Administration ("Prüfungsausschuss Wirtschaftswissenschaften")

Please carefully read the information given here. In particular, you have to submit all information to the central mailing list (pruefungsausschuss-wiwi[at] Note two things: a) you only lose time if you send your documents/requests to Professor Guettler; b) use your official e-mail address while sending e-mails to the mentioned mailing list!



The paper "Pre-Publication Revisions of Bank Financial Statements: A Novel Way to Monitor Banks?" (with M. Naeem, L. Norden, and B. Van Doornik) has been accepted for publication by the Journal of Financial Intermediation.


The paper "Analyst Distance and Credit Rating Consistency?" (with M. Altdoerfer and G. Loeffler) has been accepted for publication by the Journal of International Money and Finance.


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