Examination Board Business Administration ("Prüfungsausschuss Wirtschaftswissenschaften")

Please carefully read the information given here. In particular, you have to submit *ALL* information to the central mailing list (pruefungsausschuss-wiwi[at]uni-ulm.de). Note two things: a) you only lose time if you send your documents/requests to Professor Guettler, because he will delete your e-mails if you do not follow the guidelines; b) use your official uni-ulm.de e-mail address while sending e-mails to the mentioned mailing list!

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, Professor Guettler is not offering regular consultation hours. Please write him an e-mail using your official university e-mail address (!) to arrange a call (by phone or Skype). Mention your request and at least three possible time slots.


Career Opportunities for Students and Graduates

Academic employee (m/f/d)

Internships and working students positions at Solactive (see also the many interesting open permanent positions for recent graduates). 

See also External jobs!



The paper "Has Manipulation in the VIX Decreased?" by Tim Baumgartner and Andre Guettler has been accepted for presentation at the SNB Microstructure Conference 2021 in Zurich and the Annual Meeting of the German Finance Association (DGF) 2021 in Innsbruck.

The research project "Labor Market Effects of Public Bank Guarantees" (joint with A.A. Taskin, G. Gebhardt, R. Gropp) received a grant from German Science Foundation (DFG). 


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