Prior to the application...

The Studies Abroad Advisory Services departement advises students on specific questions, questions on study planning and course selection. The International Office answers general questions about your stay abroad as well as all questions relating to the application process. 

We recommend you to contact the International Office first.

Learning Agreement and recognition of study and exam achievements may be discussed and handled with the Studies Abroad Advisory Sercive later on.

In any case, it is useful to consult the website of the International Office and the Faculty of Mathematics and Economics for information. Furthermore, you should bring along your transcript of records and have already an idea/plans about which lectures and specialisation to chose for your studies abroad.

The fifth semester is best suited for studying abroad. Thus, you will have sufficient time for planning and organising and the study curriculum can be adhered to without considerable delay.

Basically, you need to have studied two semesters at your home university before you can participate in a studies abroad exchange programme.

You will find a list including all partner universtities on the web pages of the  International Office. The partners of the Faculty of Mathematics and Economics can be found under the above menu item "Programmes".

Yes, for further information, please see the web pages of the International Office.

We recommend you to start planning your stay abroad during the second semester. Preparations should be finished in the third semester at the latest - depending on your destination.

Please request the deadlines of the university programmes from the International Office. The programmes of the Faculty of Mathematics and Economics have different deadlines (for more information, please see the above menu item "Programmes" ). 

The academic year always starts with the winter semester  - in Germany the exact date differs depending on study the programme/study goal.

Office hours: please see the above menu item "Advisory Service and Recognition".

If the International Office has accepted your application ...

The Learning Agreement is intended to guarantee the recognition of study and exam achievements obtained abroad. This document is issued prior to the departure of the student and contains the selection of courses that are to be taken.  The home university has to be informed immediately about any changes of the course programme  (learning agreement modifications). Please find the Learning Agreement form on the web pages of the International Office.

Losing one semester can be avoided by careful planning. This means you have to depart as soon as you have taken all relevant exams and accept that you are going to miss some lecture weeks after your return.

During your stay abraod...

For the recognition of the study and exam achievements obtained at the foreign university you require a  transcript of records issued by the foreign university.

For seminars a separate document, including topic, extent and grade,  is needed.

Yes, however, for the participation in seminars we need a special confirmation about the size of the seminar paper.  You can download the form from here.

After your return...

Recognition documents are issued upon students' request and have to be submitted to the appropriate examination board.

For more information about the recognition of study and exam achievements, please see the relevant web pages:  Mathematics/Mathematics & Economics, Management  & Economics and Computational Science and Engineering (CSE).

The recognition of your study and exam achievements can be effected as soon as the transcript of records has arrived from the foreign university. The request should be filed during the first semester after your return from abroad.