Recognition of Academic Achievements Obtained Abroad

Application for the recognition of academic achievements

The recognition of exam achievements obtained at another university can only be given individually for each examination. In your application you have to state which equivalent achievement has to be recognized. The application form for the recognition of academic achievements and additional pages (if you wish to have more than one achievement recognized) can be downloaded from here. Please make sure that your application is complete and includes all documents required in the application form and then send it to the contact person.

Application for recognition of examination results

The recognition of an exam result at another university has to be done individually for each exam. In each application for recognition it has to be stated as which equivalent achievement the exam result is to be recognized. Please use this form. Please include supporting documents such as Transcript of Records, module descriptions, learning agreements and grading schemes for foreign universities. If you want to have recognized more than one exam use this form for further pages.

Once you have the documents ready, please contact the appropriate person indicated in the column on the right including the complete information on the course(s) such as amount of hours and credit points, complete description of contents or module description, certification of the examination including grade or points reached of total points or percentage or a learning agreement as well as a declaration in what field (such as Stochastics or Algebra) the course should be approved.

Please note, that the request must be filed within one semester after enrolment or six months after studying abroad, respectively.


Professor Markus Pauly

Chairperson of the Examination Board

Mathematical Biometry