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USA Exchange Programme

for mathematically oriented programmes

Since 1979 our faculty has coordinated an exchange programme for mathematically oriented study programmes with a number of American universities. Over the years more than 650 students have participated in the programme. The programme provides the opportunity to spend one academic year at one of the following universities:

Why is this exchange programme unique?
  • You are offered the opportunity to obtain an American Master of Science degree – in addition to the German one.
  • Tuition fees as well as costs of living are very high in the USA – however, employment as a tutor at the host university guarantees financing.
  • Exchange opportunities for only 1 or 2 students? – Not in our programme! Every year we send 10 to 20 students to one of our partner universities in the USA.
  • Credits for courses passed in USA are transferred.
  • Due to the long-standing exchange programme you will generally find contact persons on site. As a result, accommodation etc. will often be passed on from one student of Ulm University to the next one.
  • Your job as a tutor will help to improve your practical English language skills.

Information on Schedule and Organisation of your Stay Abroad


In general, students depart to their partner universities at the beginning/in the middle of August.  Fall term usually starts at the beginning of September. The two to three remaining weeks can be used to settle in and organise the things that can only be done on site (opening a bank account, applying for a social security number, taking part in the orientation sessions etc.). At the partner universities they are enrolled as graduate students, that means they have to attend two to four courses per semester that correspond to our master courses. The stay abroad may be finished by the middle of May, at the end of spring term that concludes  with a typical American graduation ceremony.

During the two semesters the host universities employ our students as teaching assistants. This work basically includes giving lectures/review sessions (level: senior classes to second semester) or marking examinations; payment covers tuition fees and costs of living.


The organisation of studies abroad requires a certain lead time. This is why the first meeting for USA-travellers already takes place at the beginning of July for the exchange in the following year. All students who are interested in this programme should attend this meeting or at least have submitted their expression of interest to Manfred Sauter via email beforehand.

If you are still enrolled at another university, but intend to take your master's degree at Um University

Even if you have not received your bachelor's degree from Ulm University you can participate in the exchange programme. New master students are requested to contact Manfred Sauter by 30 June to make sure that their applications for the programme will be considered.


Students write about their year of study in the USA on the uulm2usa blog.