Master Courses

The courses in the Mathematics, Mathematics and Management and Mathematical Biometry master programmes are usually taught in English.

Regularly Offered Courses in Winter Semester
(October - February)

Module No.

Module Title
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ECTS Language
70021 Algebra 9 EN
70034 Financial Mathematics I 9 EN
70038 Optimisation II 9 EN
70041 Numerical Optimisation 6 EN
70115 Functional Analysis 9 EN
73726 Risk Theory I 9 EN
71514 Practical Training Master 4 EN
72183 Advanced Methods of Biometry B 4 EN
72332 An Introduction to Measure Theoretic Probability 4 EN
70645 A Mathematical Introduction to Machine Learning (irregular) 9 EN

Regularly Offered Courses in Summer Semester
(April - August)

Module No.

Module Title
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ECTS Language
70042 Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations (Numeric IV) 6 EN
70120 Partial Differential Equations 9 EN
73507 Risk Theory II 9 EN
72103 Mathematics of Games 9 EN
72182 Advanced Methods of Biometry A 9 EN
72319 Graph Theory II 9 EN
72745 Topics in Insurance and Finance 6 EN
74166 Computational Biomechanics 5 EN
71640 Practical Financial Engineering 5 EN
74708 Stochastic Analysis 4 EN
74709 Financial Mathematics II 4 EN
74777 Statistical Learning (irregular) 4 GE/EN
76034 Numerical Methods for Data Science (irregular) 6 GE/EN

Contacts Mathematics

Leonie Langer
Academic Advisor

Helmholtzstraße 18 , Room 2.01
E-Mail: wima-auslandsstudienberatung(at)

Prof. Dr. Jan Beyersmann
ERASMUS+ Coordinator

Helmholtzstraße 20 , Room E.44
E-Mail: jan.beyersmann(at)


EN = Teaching Language is English
GE = Teaching Language is German

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Please note:
  • In order to attend Master-level courses, students should have successfully completed at least 3 years of study (approx. 180 ECTS) in the field of study of the Erasmus agreement.
  • All students must meet the language and academic requirements of any given course.
  • Exceptions may be granted to students in their final Bachelor year, if the home university confirms that this mobility window is offered explicitly for students to take Master courses.