Ulm and Ulm University

Founded in 1967, Ulm University is the youngest university in the state of Baden-Württemberg. At the beginning it had a clear focus on the disciplines biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and medicine. The founders explicitly attributed to it the character of a research university. The close contact among different subjects and the interdisciplinary character of research were encouraged and promoted. This concept of a “university under one roof” has been maintained over the years and has been exercised in the hiring of professors. Faculties have always ensured that the areas central to the work of new professors and of those who are already employed by the university continue to progress. This idea is the basis for concentrating on certain fields of research and the foundation of a series of collaborating research centres established at Ulm University over the years.

Enjoy our personal atmosphere

Since the university’s foundation, the original range of disciplines has been enlarged. Today, Ulm University consists of four faculties: Natural Sciences; Engineering and Computer Science; Mathematics and Economics; and Medicine. It hosts around 7,000 students and is renowned for its personalized atmosphere and for the close working relationship between students and professors. Its research profile is characterized by a focus on the life sciences and medicine, information and communication technologies, nano- and biomaterials as well as financial services and their mathematical methodology.

Be closed to industrial development

The main university campus is located on a hill above the city of Ulm (Eselsberg) and houses a wide range of research and development centres as well as hospitals that together comprise the Science City (Wissenschaftsstadt). The close proximity of academic institutions and industrial R&D allows improved interaction between academic teaching and research on the one hand and industrial needs on the other. Situated between woods and grain fields, the campus offers space for recreation and an outstanding view over the city. The so called Kunstpfad (art trail) exhibits the artworks of internationally renowned and talented young artists distributed throughout the campus.

Ulm/Neu-Ulm is an attractive twin city lying at the heart of southern Germany between Stuttgart and Munich. The 170,000 citizens of Ulm and Neu-Ulm are divided between the two states of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria by the river Danube. Both cities have excellent traffic connections with the north-south and the east-west highways, six railway lines and five major state roads all intersecting here. Ulm’s main train station is situated on an important rail route. The nearest airports are located in Stuttgart (approx. 80 km/50 miles) and Munich (approx. 145km/90 miles).

Feel medieval and modern air

While Ulm is an ancient town, Neu-Ulm is relatively young. In Ulm, there are the charming Fisherman’s and Tanners’ Quarter with its old houses and alleyways. In Neu-Ulm, regularity in its architecture prevails since this was the only form considered to be stylish and elegant in the 19th century. Neu-Ulm was originally established as a counterpart to Ulm. Today, the two sister cities, though unlike, are both open to contemporary ideas of construction. The city centre of Ulm houses a mixture of stone monuments from its days as a free city of the Holy Roman Empire and more recently designed modern architecture. Neu-Ulm has also come a long way with the modernisation of its city centre.

Choose from a large variety of offers

Ulm/Neu-Ulm offers a large variety of cultural events such as the Museumsnacht (Night of the Museums), Internationales Donaufest (International Danube Festival) and the Ulmer Zelt, one of many music festivals. There is a main theatre as well as several other smaller theatres. The city’s geographical proximity to the Allgäu, Lake Constance and the Alps offers the opportunity to enjoy sporting activities such as hiking, cycling, skiing and surfing.

Please find below some information about finding accomodation in Ulm:

International Office

The International Office of Ulm University provides a very helpful website with a lot of useful information for international students. Go to “Housing” for information about apartments/student residences. We recommend you to apply for private housing first rather than applying for an apartment in a student residence since these are mostly reserved for Bachelor/Master students. If you still want to apply for a student residence, focus on No. 11 -20 which are not administrated by the student union and thus more likely to be given to PhD Students.

Private Student Residences

Please find below some links to private websites of selected student residences with a few sample pictures of the living space they provide:

Virtual Bulletin Board

The virtual bulletin board of Ulm University posts room offers from private people who are willing to rent a free rooms/apartments in their house. There are also room offers from students who live in a shared flat and are looking for a new roommate. Unfortunately this website is not available in English, but you can try calling the contact person who will be happy to help you.

Furthermore the Graduate School and M4M are offering a message board for our PhD students. You can also post messages there or look for offers.

Message Board Graduate School

Virtual bulletin board  of Ulm University.