Exam Regulations

In the following pages you will find helpful information on the examination procedure:

Forms from the Studiensekreatariat

Guidelines  for the exam procedures in the Higher education portal

To take an examination and obtain the corresponding credit points, students must register via the Higher Education portal

Please note that the deadline for registering or deregistering for a written examination is 4 days before the examination date, at midnight at the latest.

  • If you fail to appear at an examination date and have not revoked your registration, you will be deemed to have failed the examination.
  • If you fall ill in the four days between registration and the examination date and cannot take part in the examination, you should obtain a medical certificate stating the illness. The medical certificate, together with the appropriate form from Studiensekretariat, must be sent to the Studiensekretariat as soon as possible.

  • Examinations that have been passed cannot be repeated.
  • You can repeat all failed exams twice.

Master's Thesis

At the end of the Master programme, students must complete a final thesis. The admission requirements, the duration of work, the requirements for the reviewers and institutions are regulated by the respective examination regulations.

In particular for Advanced Materials Master, the following applies: 

- The Application for Admission has to be submitted before starting the final thesis. The form has to be signed by their supervisor (1. referee), a second referee teaching/doing research at Ulm University and the chairman of the Examination Board.
- The application for admission to the Master thesis must be submitted no later than three months after taking the last module examination. (Framework regulations)
- The topic of the thesis must be approved by the Examination Board Chairman.

Students can register their Master´s thesis project with the registrar´s office as soon as they have earned 83 credit points.

In general students will work on their Master´s thesis project at an institute of Ulm University. To carry out a project at a research institute not belonging to Ulm University or with a company ("external master´s thesis") students have to provide additional information and need the approval of the head of the examination board.

As stated in the exam regulations, two bound copies and one electronic copy (pdf) of the thesis has to be submitted (PO 2017)


Information on External Master's Thesis

Head of the Study Programme and Chairman of the Examination Board AM

Prof. apl. Dr. Berndt Koslowski

Institute of Solid State Physics
Consultation on request. 

Coordination Office M. Sc. "Advanced Materials"


Dr. Rachele Fermani

Coordinator M. Sc. "Physics" and M. Sc. "Biophysics"
Room N25/3101

Sibel Looser 

Assistant to coodinator
Room N25/3104


Application form - Master`s Thesis

Please note:

Minimum requirement for registration are 83 credit points.

1. Supervisor (member of University of Ulm and member of institute offering the thesis project, usually a professor)

2. Supervisor (member of University of Ulm and not a member of institute offering the thesis project)

Additional information on external Master`s thesis 

Application form - Academic leave

Available on the website of the Studiensekreatariat - a detailed description on modalities for academic leave.

Elective Courses - Additional Subject form

Please download this form in case you need to choose the elective courses which you want to include for the grade calucation (CGPA).