Workshop Dinner

The workshop social event takes place at the traditional restaurant Drei Kannen. In the unique atmosphere of the historical brewery you will be served delicious Swabian cuisine. If weather permits, enjoy your special Drei Kannen beer in the restaurant's idyllic beer garden.

Being located in the very heart of Ulm, Drei Kannen is only a short walk away from the minster. Thus, it is the ideal spot to start a city tour.

Getting to Drei Kannen

From the workshop location

From the bus station “Universität Süd” (cf. map), take bus line 3 (direction Wiblingen (Alte Siedlung)) to the station “Theater” (approximately 12 minutes). From the bus station “Theater” the restaurant 3-Kannen is in walking distance.

If you prefer taking the tram, take tram line 1 from “Theater” (direction “Böfingen”) to the station “Justizgebäude” (only one station away).

Instead of taking the tram, you may also walk to the next station “Justizgebäude” (walk eastwards along Olgastraße). Right after the tram station “Justizgebäude”, Hafenbad will appear on the right hand side. Once you are on Hafenbad, “Drei Kannen” is only a minute away.

From the minster (Münsterplatz)

Hafenbad is the street right at the back side of the minster. To get to “Drei Kannen”, turn left when reaching the back side of the minster. Nr. 31 is then only a few minutes away.


Additional Information

Hafenbad 31
89073 Ulm

Restaurant Drei Kannen

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