RBI Workshop Program

Friday, July 15

11:15 Dr. Ulrich Simon, UU
Welcome Address
11:45Prof. Dr. Gerd Baumann, GUC
Bone Remodeling Using Fractional Sinc-Convolution

12:30 Lunch Buffet

13:30Prof. Dr. Nahed El-Mahallawy, GUC
Dr. Anke Klingner, GUC

Corrosion and Mechanical Properties of Biodegradeable Uncoated and Coated Mg Alloys
14:15BSc Sebastian Weber, UU
BSc Michael Thoma, UU

Simulation of Trabecular Bone Healing and Magnesium Grid Decomposition
15:00MSc Martin Pietsch, UU
Bone Healing Simulation Using the Level-Set Method

15:45Coffee Break

16:00Discussion 1
- Mathematical Modeling of Biological Processes
- Biodegradable Materials for Loaded Bone Implants
17:00Approx. End

19:00Dinner at traditional swabian restaurant "Drei Kannen"
- In good weather: Outside in the "Biergarten"
- Location: www.dreikannen.de

Saturday, July 16

10:00Prof. Dr. Hartmut Seliger, UU
An alternative Polyesterurethane based on (R,S)-3-hydroxyalkanoate

10:45Coffee Break

11:00Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Breitinger, GUC
Biochemical Properties of Resorbable Implant Materials - New Results
11:45Dr. Frank Niemeyer, UU
Simulating Implant Degradation and Tissue Reactions

12:30Lunch Buffet

13:30Discussion 2
- Which Effects Should be Simulated?
- Design and Material of Resorbable Bone Implants

- Next Steps and Directions
15:00Approx. End

Other Events in Ulm

Please note that Ulm is celebrating the "Schwörwochenende" and "Nabada" at these days (Saturday till Monday).  You may like to go to the "Lichterserenade" starting at 21:30 on Saturday night.


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